Philosophy of the Love Dog

Love Dog is a metaphor comparing the howling of a dog for its master to the yearning we feel in search of our maker. To be a love dog is to be a spiritual warrior…to have a path. (We also simply love dogs!)

It is my path and passion to express my love of beautiful food and family by blending a casual and welcoming atmosphere with a decadent and heart-filled menu.

My staff welcomes their customers as if they are being welcomed home. We believe in the power of good food to comfort and soothe the soul. We welcome you to feel at home and be a part of our family for years to come.

“All are welcome in to this breaking of bread and this circle of friends. May this food nurture your body and sustain your spirit.”
—White Bear Woman, Chef and Owner

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What Is TQI?

Inquiring minds want to know! Last October my accupuncturist suggested I check out Kathy Abascal from Vashon Island who was leading folks to a healthier life by changing the way they used food through her  To Quiet Inflammation diet – The Abascal Way. I started the plan the next day. It begins simply by omitting wheat, dairy, sugars, and all food additives and chemicals. Within three weeks I had dropped medication for chronic pain, my cholesterol levels had normalized, my vertigo was letting up and I had lost over 15 pounds!

Kathy teaches throughout the lower sound and online…a five week course that changes lives. I am eating four or five times more fruits and vegetables than I used to and serving more at the cafe! I am enjoying mobility that I have missed for the last three years and then some. To date I have dropped 35 pounds, my moods have stabilized, I sleep through the night, my medication list is down  from seven to one daily….and I am hooked on tons of vegetables.

Cooking up ethnic dishes with clean ingredients, sugar and dairy free when possible, is my new passion. Healthy Fusion. If you are interested in this program which has helped people with mobility issues, arthritis, diabetes, any autoimmune disorder, any inflammatory condition check out the website or call me. I love to talk about it.

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