...There are love-dogs
no one knows the names of.
Give your life
to be one of them.

~ Rūmī


The Love Dog Café is closed.

Due to new lease policies we are unable to continue in our present location and we have closed the cafe. A benefit dinner was held on December 5th, with a fabulous buffet of Love Dog’s favorite dishes. From White Bear:

“What an amazing couple of days for me. I feel so loved by my community right now. Last night’s Benefit Dinner was such a lovely way to Put Down The Dog. It made enough money to put a proper stove in my house (no more hot plate…yay!) as well as covering some close down costs but even more important, it filled me with such a good feeling of being truly cherished and appreciated that I carry with me out of this chapter and into the next… Thank you every one.”

White Bear will continue to make her famous Love Dog Dressing, and other plans are in the works. She will be starting an email list for future dressing deliveries and catering news to include small “family and friends” meals.